Good Food for my Gut

November 7, 2009

During my acute stage, I practiced the gluten-free, dairy-free diet.  Sometimes when I feel off, I may return to this diet to help bring my body back in balance.  This diet is challenging.  It can take someone months and many dollars and time at the grocery stores to find good gluten-free, dairy-free food options they enjoy eating. These are a few of my favorites Salty/Crunchy/Sweet Snacks:

  • Puffy Brown Rice Cakes with Cashew Butter (YUM!)
  • Wheat-free Oatmeal Snackimals Animal Cookies, made by Barbara’s.  (Note:  Barley flour and oats included in the ingredients and my not be gentle enough for some guts)
  • Popcorn with olive oil drizzled on top and pink salt
  • Fresh Fruit and Veggies, in moderation – My veggie Vita-Mix soup experience proved that one can have too many veggies

Speaking of the Vita-Mix, having this device or something similar is wonderful for people with similar diet restrictions who enjoy cooking.  You have the power to blend your own smoothies, soups, sorbets and flour (rice and other types of alternative flour are expensive to buy at the store, but inexpensive if you make your own).

What is Crohn’s Disease?

November 7, 2009

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s many years ago and still can’t answer this question!  The symptoms are different for most people and I’ve heard some say it’s a blanket diagnoses; the symptoms are broad and again, vary.

What Crohn’s feels like:

Hurts – Like tiny spiders/bugs crawling in your stomach with very, very sharp needles at the end of their feet in combination with someone twisting up your insides so tightly that they feel like they should break.

Scary – To see what comes out of you.  Often bloody and in odd looking.

Draining – My body was not digesting food properly and often what I ate would to straight through me.  Because my body was not receiving the nutrients it required, my energy was zapped.

Stressful – As a young married professional, I was constantly worried about missing work and not being a fun/available/happy wife.  For years it was too uncomfortable to sit through an entire movie, meetings were nightmares to attend because I had to pretend sitting was comfortable while being alert and attentive.  Most of the time I dreamed of sitting in a hot steamy bath.  They were the only thing that could take the edge off.  If I’m honest I’ll admit that for over two years of my life, I was in constant pain.

My Symptoms:

Most of these were acute: Cramps, Fatigue, Loss of appetite, pain from going to the bathroom, persistent going to the bathroom, skin rashes, bloody stools, weight loss, mouth sores

What the doctors said:

After an emergency visit and rushed colonoscopy, I was overwhelmed by the amount of drugs the doctors thought were necessary to treat my Crohn’s.  My dose ranged between 10 – 15 pills per day.  At this time I was a frail lady, 5’10 and 114 pounds, so taking this large dose seemed crazy to me.  I can’t say I felt much better after taking the pills.  Although they did stop the heavy bleeding and gave me a bit of kick of energy, but I was still sick.

What my natural doctor said:

Stop taking the awful pills!!  I was tested for allergies and discovered I was gluten, dairy and many-other-things, intolerant.  For the next year I followed a very strict diet…. and cried… many times.  I should note that I was a good student of medicine and kept taking my 10-15 pills per day along with the diet and some natural pills and vitamins.

First Post

November 7, 2009

Crohn’s Disease, Colitis and irritable bowel syndrome.  Several years ago, I was living the dream!!  Meaning, I had no idea what an acute stomach pain felt like or the make up of my intestinal tracts.

Recently I became sick with the flu which triggered my Crohn’s and I had a mini-moderate flare.  For the first time in years, I remembered the severity of my disease and felt fortunate that I knew how to treat myself, quickly.  This blog is a tool to share my secrets and hopefully help others who have or support those with a chronic disease.